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Québec City is the capital of the province of Québec. Founded in 1608, it is one of the oldest cities in North America. The Old Québec, still surrounded by fortifications, has a unique charm and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In this charming city, French is the only official language.

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Québec City is a very safe city with a population of around 600 000 inhabitants. Québec city has the conveniences of a small city: it’s clean, there is no traffic, it has a welcoming environment and it’s very safe. At the same time, it has the advantages of a big city, like a good public transportation system and a large variety of sociocultural and sports activities during the entire year.

The city is located 275 km (171 miles) from Montreal, 800 km (497 miles) from Toronto and 875 km (543 miles) from New York.

The Weather in Québec City

We can perfectly enjoy the four seasons of the year in Québec. Students who come are able to experience the beautiful colours of fall, enjoy winter, see how the city changes when spring comes and do multiple activities during summer when the sun shines from 5:30 AM to 8:45 PM!

During winter, an average of 2.5 metres of snow falls every year (between November and April), allowing students to discover winter sports. Even if it can get very cold, everything in Québec is prepared to face cold temperatures (the way houses are built, heating available everywhere, including the main bus stops, etc.), so we can go on with our daily lives. We will advise our international students in getting the best winter clothes if they are visiting us during the cold season.

The weather goes from -25°C / -13°F in the coldest days of winter up to 35°C/95°F during the summer.

Why study French in Québec City?

Besides the French immersion offered at the school and with the host families, Québec City offers a 100% francophone lifestyle.

Did you know that in Québec there is a law to “protect” French as a language?

New words have been created to adapt it to today’s reality and you’ll even find these new words in dictionaries. For example, in Québec we say magasiner vs shopping or courriel vs email. So, yes, French in Québec is well spoken! And it is even neater than the one used in other Francophone countries. Come to Québec to learn proper French in a welcoming, fun and safe environment!

Québec City welcomes international students every year, so Quebecers are used to meeting people willing to learn and practice their language. Since French is such an important part of their identity, they will be glad to help you in your learning process.


Québec City is a key destination for tourists from all over the globe! It is host to many worldwide known events such as the Carnaval de Québec (winter festival) and the Festival d’Été where international artists like The Rolling Stones, Shawn Mendes, Lady Gaga, Lorde and Paul McCartney perform every month of July.

In the Québec City region, you will find places to do outdoor activities, to enjoy arts and to discover the history and culture of Quebecers and East Canadian people.

The main attractions are:

If you wish to know more about this wonderful city, visit the city’s official tourism page

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