French summer program

More than 400 teenagers aged between 14 and 17 years old originating from all over the world come every summer to Québec City to learn French in a new way, our way. Move out of your comfort zone and have the best experience of your life!

When does the program take place?

En français à Québec is a 5-week program taking place in the summer (July-August). We have a single arrival date for all the students — usually a Sunday —. International and non-bursaries Canadian students have the possibility to register for a 4-week stay and leave one week earlier. On the arrival day, participants have the possibility to visit the campus, join an integration (ice-breaker) workshop and settle in. The program officially starts the following day with a general assembly, the French classes, and an oral placement test.

The final exam takes place on the last Thursday of the program. Students staying the full five weeks will participate in the farewell gala on the last day of the program. The check-out hour is 10:00 AM for all students.

dates for 2020

Arrival date for all students

Arrival date for all students

Sunday, July 5



4-week stay: Friday, July 31
5-week stay: Friday, August 7

Where is the program held?

The whole program is held on the beautiful campus of Laval University, located at a 10-minute bus ride from Old Québec (downtown). The classes, the cafeteria, the dorms and most of the mandatory activities take place on the campus and are accessible by walking distance.

What do students do during the program?

Weekday mornings, students will learn and practice French in their classes with an experienced team of teachers.

Three times a week, they spend the afternoon in a workshop of their choice with a dedicated team of monitors.

For the rest of the time, there is a combination of trips, games, themed dances, exciting excursions, free time, movies and much more!

Schedule 2020

Who can participate in this program?

Who can participate in this program?

En français à Québec gathers more than 400 students from all over the world:

International students (25 %):

Coming from different countries like the United States, Mexico, Germany, Colombia, Australia, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Spain, Turkey, Italy, etc.

Canadian Students (75 %):

We have three different profiles of students:

  • 40 % Explore students: canadian residents and citizens can receive a financial contribution from the Canadian government. For more information about the Explore Program (16+) please visit: this page.
  • 30 % Level 1 students from Newfoundland and Labrador: they receive a bursary from the government of their province to participate in the program. They will join our program for 4 weeks only.
  • 5 % Independent students: Canadian citizens and residents who are not eligible for the Explore program are always welcome in the program!

How do we get enrolled in the program?

Our registration is made 100% online. It is an easy and secure way to complete the registration from anywhere at anytime. Choose the optional activities of your preference, download important information, verify and make payments and much more!

Program content

Each week, you will experience the French immersion through a variety of mandatory and optional activities. Here is what the 2020 schedule looks like!

See the 2020 schedule

French classes

3.5 hours every morning from Monday to Friday.

Our team of teachers use a dynamic approach and put a special emphasis on oral communication. Stimulating activities, games, field trips and useful exercises are part of the classes.

There are 7 levels of proficiency: from total beginner to very advanced (débutant, élémentaire, pré-intermédiaire, intermédiaire, inter-avancé, avancé and avancé enrichi); we open more than 25 groups for the French classes.

The student’s level is determined by an online placement test which is validated with an oral test on the first day of classes. No knowledge of French is required to participate in the program! Students will be identified with a color-coded wristband (white, red, blue or green) allowing our staff members to adapt their use of French to the students level.


Three afternoons per week, monitors lead different workshops. They give students the opportunity to practice French in a dynamic context and to develop new skills. Students will get a close view of the French-Canadian culture and history through arts, music, sports, cooking, cinema, literature, debate, etc.

Read the Workshops Description

Students choose in the online registration three preferences between the options given for workshops A and B. They will be assigned one option for each workshops.

The workshop C named ‘Explore’ is the same for all students. Explore takes students to 5 different field trips in places like the Cap Rouge Marina, the Montmorency Falls park and other interesting spots of the city.


Students partake in different sociocultural activities organized by our monitors: parties, shows, fairs, movies and auctions (with Garnier Dollars!) to provide more occasions to improve their French skills outside the classrooms.

Free time on campus

Students have the possibility to stay on campus to enjoy the facilities and services of the University. They can hang out with their peers to explore the campus or get involved in a free optional activity organized by our monitors. These activities allow students to bond with other participants. These activities can range from an art workshop, sports, picnics and outdoor activities. Free optional activities do not appear on the schedule as they are spontaneous and depend on different aspects such as the weather, the students’ interests and participation.

Free time out of campus

Students can go off campus, under certain rules, to discover the narrow streets of the Old City with their friends or to listen to their favorite musicians at the Summer Music Festival – these are two of the most popular activities. This possibility is available only for students receiving a parental authorization upon registration.

The Old City (Vieux-Québec) is located only ±10 minutes away by bus from the campus.

The Summer Music Festival (FEQ) is an 11-day event in downtown Québec City that usually coincides with the first two weeks of the program. Students can participate by respecting the rules and conditions. Monitors do not go with the students to the different concerts of the festival. Tickets must be bought directly from the webpage of the FEQ.

Optional excursions during free time

We offer more than 20 optional activities near the campus and weekend excursions. These activities must be chosen upon online registration and paid before the arrival.

Montreal: La Ronde (Six Flags), tour of the Old Port, museums, shopping day.

Excursions that take you to the heart of the Québecers’ culture: Visit the Saint-Lawrence Island Île d’Orléans, Camping at a National Park, etc.

Activities that will help you stay active: Bike tour, rafting, Treetop Trekking, LaserTag, Via Ferrata, etc.

Cultural and pleasant activities: Fine arts museum, ceramic workshop, aquarium, IMAX films, river tubing, beach day, etc.

Read here the full list of optional activities offered

facilities and accomodations

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Want to visit where you’II live? Follow the guide!

Let’s go!

Ready to go?

When packing, it is important that students do not forget:

School supplies

School supplies



Personal ID and insurance card

Personal ID and insurance card

Comfortable clothes and shoes for any type of weather

Comfortable clothes and shoes for any type of weather

A formal outfit for the farewell gala

A formal outfit for the farewell gala

A small fan

A small fan

Towels (bedding is provided)

Towels (bedding is provided)

Thermos/water bottle

Thermos/water bottle

A small backpack

A small backpack

prepare your arrival

We will be welcoming the students all day long on campus.

July 5

Our team offers a welcoming experience on the first day of the program! There are many activities throughout the day that repeat themselves: check-in, guided visit of the campus, integration workshop, setting up the apps used for the program, checking the workshops you have been assigned to, etc.

The first meal served by the cafeteria is dinner in a specific schedule


Our Monitors will be waiting for you at the airport from 9 am until the last flight has arrived.

A shuttle bus to the campus will be operating from 9 am to 8 pm. The cost is $15 CAD per person payable upon arrival and by cash only. For those arriving before or after the shuttle bus operating hours, monitors will be guiding them to the taxi or Uber service. It is a ±20 minutes ride (12 km) and ±35$ CAD.


The students will have to take a taxi or Uber to the campus from the station chosen.

From Sainte-Foy station: 5.3km, ± 20$ CAD and 10 minutes ride.

From Gare du Palais: 7.5 Km, ±39$CAD and 20 minutes ride


The students will have to take a taxi or Uber to the campus from the station chosen.

From Sainte-Foy station: 3.5 Km, ±15 $CAD and 6 minutes ride. You can also take the 800 or 801 bus lines towards the university. The cost of the bus ticket is $3.50 CAD payed in exact cash only.


We will welcome all the students in the Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins. Parking is available at the basement of the Desjardins building.

departure day

July 31 4 weeks stay

August 7 5 weeks stay

The Check-out time for all students is 10:00 AM on the departure day. Our shuttle service functioning hours to the airport will be determined according to the participants’ travel itineraries. It will cost $15 CAD and will only operate during morning hours.

The Check-out time for all students is 10:00 AM on the departure day. Our shuttle service functioning hours to the airport will be determined according to the participants’ travel itineraries. It will cost $15 CAD and will only operate during morning hours.


Ready to register for the BEST SUMMER OF YOUR LIFE?

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