The host families support students in their learning process and encourage them to speak French, playing a key role in their immersion experience. They will ensure the well-being of the student. The students will be part of the family’s everyday life: skiing, going to the movies, family parties, weekend trips or simply preparing dinner together.

The host families provide international students with:

  • A private bedroom
  • Three (3) meals a day plus healthy snacks
  • Internet access
  • Access to all the house facilities
Your host family will become your family in Québec: a new home for you!


Selection Process

Families are chosen through a careful process: documentation, verification, visits and recommendations, police report.

We select our families directly, which lets us know them very well. One person of our staff is responsible for this task and will make sure that the whole stay of our international students is carried out in a positive, constructive and comfortable atmosphere. We take into consideration the family’s moral values, the location of their home, their hobbies, and interests, as well as their lifestyle.

Our staff carefully interviews each family member and does the verification of criminal records and recommendations.

We assign the host families considering the students’ needs and personalities and we send all the information of the host family to each student prior to the arrival, so they can start building a relationship by email, Skype, etc.

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