Meet our team

Collège Saint-Charles-Garnier has always made it a priority to provide a healthy, respectful and welcoming environment. Our entire team of teachers and support staff work together to help students navigate the challenges of adolescence, guide their personal experiences and support their learning.

We have our own international programs department that has been offering linguistic programs for over 50 years. This gives us the experience and the sensibility to welcome and to take care of our international students. We understand that our participants have both an academic experience and a life experience needing special support and guidance.

As the participation of our international students’ parents is also very important for us, we involve them by sending follow-ups when needed and at specific times during the school year.

Students are not the only ones who are going to enjoy and make the most of our programs; parents, teachers and our staff will also do so, since we live our programs as one team where students will be the priority.

French Summer Program

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The summer program team in Quebec is an experienced and dynamic group of more than 60 members with different roles. Our sole purpose is to create a positive experience for the teenagers participating in our program.

Every summer, on the campus, we have:

  • A campus coordinator and an experienced direction team (on campus 24/7)
  • A pedagogical director and his assistant
  • A social worker and a person in charge of the students’ services
  • A nurse
  • A dynamic team of more than 25 monitors (on campus 24/7)
  • A motivated team of 28 teachers

We also have the logistics support of the Laval University security system and staff. We all work very closely to ensure the student’s well-being and the respect of our code of conduct.

Students are never alone, day, night, weekdays, weekends. For a personal situation, a medical problem, a residence issue, for advice or simply to talk, we will always be there for them!

The monitors team is in charge of the workshops and sociocultural activities. They also go on different excursions with the students. Their main role is to support students, to keep the French immersion going and to fill the summer program with plenty of energy and motivation for our students.

The teachers coordinate the learning of French by preparing and giving dynamic classes that include games, role playing, visits to cultural and historic sites and much more!

Camp d’immersion anglaise à Victoria

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Une équipe de professionnels dynamiques sera présente sur le campus durant vos 5 semaines d’immersion pour rendre votre séjour inoubliable. L’équipe est composée de :

  • Un directeur de programme à Victoria
  • Un coordonnateur de campus
  • Un intervenant social
  • Deux responsables des familles d’accueil
  • 14 enseignants
  • 10 moniteurs

Nos enseignants sont des Canadiens anglophones qui ont obtenu la certification délivrée par le gouvernement de la Colombie-Britannique équivalente au Brevet d’enseignement québécois.

L’équipe d’animation accompagne les participants lors des activités. De concert avec l’équipe pédagogique, celle de l'animation voit à ce que tous les élèves jouissent d’un séjour tant agréable que profitable.

Par ailleurs, le coordonnateur, les responsables des familles d’accueil ainsi que l’intervenant social sont sur le campus tous les jours et veillent au bien-être des participants. Les coordonnées des membres de l’équipe sont partagées avec les participants et leurs parents pour qu’ils puissent faire appel à eux en cas de besoin.

Le département des Programmes internationaux du Collège est en contact de façon régulière avec ses représentants qui travaillent sur place pour assurer la meilleure expérience pour les jeunes.

High school team

Staff dedicated exclusively to the international students

Our professional team makes sure that all our international students have the best experience possible and that they are making the most of it. Our team is composed of:

  • The director of the international programs
  • The counselor of the international students
  • Two advisors
  • A coordinator of the host families
  • A French teacher (for the international students exclusively)

Our international programs team is trilingual.

Luis René Ayala


Luis René Ayala


Counselor and teacher of the international students

Michaël Gauthier


Coordinator of the host families

Martine Watine

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Coordinator of the customized French immersion programs and advisor

Fanny Raymond


Coordinator of the English in Victoria program and advisor

Isabelle Badie

The success of our program is also made possible by the implication of 50 other members of the College’s regular staff, such as a school social worker, guidance counselor and special education technicians, all dedicated to the students' well-being and success.

Teachers are fully conscious that French is not the mother tongue of our international students, and do everything possible to help them understand.

The whole community of Saint-Charles-Garnier is very open minded, welcoming and inclusive. We give a special place for the international students, so we will all be very happy to be part of their integration process and to participate in their everyday life at Saint-Charles-Garnier and in Québec City.

Every single member of the College’s team is concerned with the well-being of the international students and they can count on anyone at any moment.

Support and Well-being

The coordinator of the international students is completely dedicated to supporting them. Every aspect of the experience is closely looked after: registration, arrival, integration, academic success, wellbeing, health issues, activities and trips. He keeps a close communication with the teachers, the host families, the parents and the students themselves.

Students can contact him 24/7.

Our team is also composed of a host family coordinator who is in charge of every aspect regarding student accommodation. If there is any situation with the host family and the student is not feeling comfortable, there will always be someone to support him or her and to find a solution.

International students can always rely on the four supervisor educators at the school, they are available and attentive to the needs of each student in the school. They ensure a quality presence throughout the day. They provide front-line services to meet the daily needs of the student (first aid, locker problems, elevator key loans, sports equipment loans, lost items, general information, etc.).

Our international students are never alone, day, night, weekdays, weekends. For a school situation, a medical problem, a host family issue, for advice or simply to talk, we will always be there for them!
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